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  • Portable Electrochemical Chip Nucleic Acid  Analyzer

    Portable Electrochemical Chip Nucleic Acid Analyzer

    Our company has developed a new integrated molecular POCT device based on virus detection, which is small in size, fast in detection speed and high in accuracy. The volume of the device after iteration is 82mm * 82mm * 30mm, and the weight is less than 210g. The detection speed can be shortened to 10min-30min according to different sample concentrations. The product integrates the functions of nucleic acid extraction, amplification and signal amplification. The device can be used by non-professionals from sampling to reporting results, with a wide radiation range.
  • ND200


    Accurate, fast, portable and easy to use Isothermal amplification technology is a new nucleic acid (gene) amplification technology. As a molecular biology in vitro detection technology, the reaction process is always at a constant temperature, through specific enzymes and specific primers to achieve the purpose of rapid amplification of nucleic acid.
  • ND360


    Using semiconductor refrigeration technology, nd360 fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument can quickly realize PCR amplification process, and real-time detect fluorescence signal through high sensitive radio and television detection system, and analyze and process through powerful analysis software.
  • ND300


    A new generation of nucleic acid rapid detection technology Colorimetric isothermal nucleic acid detection technology is a new rapid nucleic acid detection technology independently developed by nederbio for the demand of on-site rapid detection, which can provide accurate, rapid, intuitive and Qualitative nucleic acid detection results.