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  • ND200


    Accurate, fast, portable and easy to use Isothermal amplification technology is a new nucleic acid (gene) amplification technology. As a molecular biology in vitro detection technology, the reaction process is always at a constant temperature, through specific enzymes and specific primers to achieve the purpose of rapid amplification of nucleic acid.
  • ND360


    Using semiconductor refrigeration technology, nd360 fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument can quickly realize PCR amplification process, and real-time detect fluorescence signal through high sensitive radio and television detection system, and analyze and process through powerful analysis software.
  • ND300


    A new generation of nucleic acid rapid detection technology Colorimetric isothermal nucleic acid detection technology is a new rapid nucleic acid detection technology independently developed by nederbio for the demand of on-site rapid detection, which can provide accurate, rapid, intuitive and Qualitative nucleic acid detection results.